Welcome to the United We Feed website.  This is a journal of a journey. Jake and I have added a 32' RV and Jeep Wrangler to our arsenal and have set out on tour!  We are going to be cruising this great land of ours and cooking our way across America. Our main focus is the culinary adventure and what kind of trouble we can get into. We'll be doing our part to help feed America and bring attention to underfed and undernourished folks here on our own soil. We'll also be blogging about our misadventures and what life on the road is really like. As Jake and I find great back road locations and awesome eats, we'll report back to y'all with the intel and hopefully inspire you to get out there and find some of the greatest goods this country has to offer, even if it's right in YOUR back yard.

    So, if you happen to see us out there on the highways and byways of America, give us the "Hi Sign", we'll pull over and fire up the stove! And for all you at home, sit down...strap in...and hold on, it's gonna be an amazing ride!